Anti-epidemic in the medical device industry

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, various types of ventilator products have become popular products, once there was a market and priceless. As a result, Mindray Medical and Yuyue Medical, which lead in the field of invasive ventilators and non-invasive ventilators, respectively, also ushered in an explosion.

Although the concept of ventilator is still very popular, a senior medical device person pointed out to the CBN reporter that it is not easy to increase the capacity and production of ventilator. The unavoidable fact is that due to the late start of the industry, the core technology and key components of the ventilator are still in the hands of foreign manufacturers. Because some parts come from Europe and the United States, where the current epidemic is severe, logistics is blocked and the supply chain is fragile.

In addition to the ventilator, which is just needed for treatment, the testing equipment has a remarkable breakthrough. As of April 24, the number of national registration certificates for new coronavirus detection reagents has increased to 30.

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Susan F.//SMC Editor